Centrality software platform

Our Centrality software platform delivers a comprehensive solution and complete product license database for managing pharmacovigilance data updates and ensuring continuing EMA regulatory compliance and adherence to Article 57 (2) of Regulation (EC) 726/2004.   The Centrality software is secure, easy to use and custom-engineered for flexible implementation.

Uniquely flexible and intuitive system

Centrality enables authorised users to securely upload XML Schema Definition (XSD)-compliant product data, efficiently track compliance activity, and create a valuable centralised product information database for future use.  Centrality offers a full feature set, including:

  • Ease of use – follows the flow of the XML specification
  • Data checking – data validation on entry and on submission
  • Intuitive change tracking – user alerts for cross-system updates
  • Document change tracking – synchronised with current version control mechanisms
  • Robust audit trail – automatic logging of all user activities 
  • Centralised database – supports product life cycle management
  • Data security – user-defined access levels
  • Data protection – redundant secure data servers
  • Legacy system integration – full harmonisation with existing systems
  • Future-proofing –  data abstraction for ongoing standards compliance
  • Flexible deployment options – secure cloud, on-site intranet or standalone application

Business benefits

  • Reduce admin – seamlessly convert existing product data
  • Comply securely – fast upload via an approved mechanism
  • Track  activity – electronic audit trail for managing compliance
  • Centralise data – complete product license and information database
  • Engage flexibly – transparent pricing for on-demand or on-site installation

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Centrality software

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We have also made available an excel spreadsheet for data entry. If you prefer to enter your data in excel, then use this spreadsheet and we will be able to import, check and convert the data to compliant XML.

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